Sunday, August 25, 2013

Attack Of The Sex Machines

There's a funny video at, in which two black men attempt to deal with the proliferation of sex machines, which automate the process of penetrating a woman's "lady parts" to give her an orgasm. (In all fairness, some machines of that nature can be adapted to male sex toys like the Fleshlight, but it's pretty clear to me, from what I've seen on the web, that the machines are being marketed primarily to women.)

To see a web site which specializes in selling such products exclusively, visit Or if you prefer to see one of the most famous and most expensive machines of that nature, visit or Kat Smith is a black woman who hosts the G-rated videos at the latter site. One of those videos states that the Sybian can help to make a woman "multi-orgasmic". In that video, a couple testifies that the Sybian has rebooted the sex life of the couple.

In the aforementioned YouTube video, the men shown in that dramatization hate the idea of being replaced by a machine. But even if a machine has the ability to make a woman "multi-orgasmic" (to use the term used by the folks at Sybian), a machine can't listen to a woman with empathy after she's had a hard day at work. A machine can't pray for a woman, or kiss and caress her. I'd be willing to do that for a woman, if I could find one who would love and cherish me as she wanted to be loved and cherished. If I ever get the chance to do that, I will do my best.

Besides, such a sex machine could enhance the lovemaking sessions of a real couple. Some seem to require the participation of a partner (although not necessarily a male partner, alas). For example, there is a product that consists of a power drill, attached to a dildo, and sometimes marketed as the Drilldo. I've seen other names used, but I like Drilldo, since it reminds me of a Christian guy I once knew named Jon Speckman, who would refer in conversations about sex with his wife Debby (who had suffered with cancer) to "drilling" her! For him, I suspect that it was just a metaphor, but with the Drilldo, it wouldn't have to be. (I've also seen a sex machine made by adapting a dildo to a reciprocating power saw. But the name Sawdo wouldn't sound as good.)

If my woman (or rather, any woman I may get in the future) wants to use a Sybian in order to get orgasms more intense than any I can give to her solely with my natural endowments, I'm fine with that. In fact, I would very likely get turned on by watching her do it.

Expensive "fucking machines" are available mostly from specialized sex shops on the Internet, but I've also seen a number of those products at I don't know whether or not the company sells sex machines, but I've even seen dildos at the web site for Walgreens ( Walgreens, for crying out loud! It's hardly surprising that they don't stock and display these products at your friendly neighborhood Walgreens, but they are clearly not averse to selling them online., also sells dildos, (, including the Clone A Willy kit for making custom dildos modeled after one's own penis. Of course, some might argue that a dick is a dick is a dick, but there might be women who would prefer knowing that their dildos were modeled after the penises of their husbands or lovers.

By the way, I wouldn't recommend one of these machines for a woman afflicted with PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder), also known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). The last thing that such women need is more intense orgasms; they can get orgasms just by exercising, riding horses or standing near washing machines. But interestingly enough, masturbation is one of the ways that such women get relief. To watch a YouTube video about that syndrome or disorder, visit

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