Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Other Blog Site

In addition to my blog site, I recently started a second, free blog ( hosted by an organization named Life with Christ ( If you've read the posts at this site, you already know that I'm a Christian. So it was natural for me to create that site, once I discovered the options offered by that organization.

In particular, one good thing about having a second blog hosted by Life with Christ has been that it has enabled me to connect with a community of other Christians, in a way which wasn't really happening with this blog, even prior to the time when I disabled the Comments feature on this site.

I will continue to periodically make contributions to this site as well, particularly in cases where I want to talk about subjects which aren't necessarily related to my Christian faith. But I invite anyone visiting this site to visit my Life with Christ blog site.

UPDATE: For reasons I will very likely explain in another blog post, I no longer have the blog at, so don't be surprised if you click the preceding links and come up empty.