Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extremely Pro-life

For years, the pro-abortion lobby has engaged in disingenuous name-calling as a means of attempting to discredit the pro-life movement. In reference to anyone who does not think it's particularly cool to scald an unborn child with saline or to rip it apart with surgical instruments, they use the term "extremists".

Well, I am proud to be one of those extremists. What could possibly be more extreme than to persuade women that it is in their best interests to kill their own progeny? I used to hear some so-called feminists arguing that the problems of the world were all men's fault, and that women were inherently kind and caring and "nurturing". Well, I am sure that that's the case with a lot of women, but treating the child in one's womb as if it is a disposable piece of trash does not seem very nurturing to me. (If you want more proof of how women are no more nurturing than men, study up on Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female serial killer in history, although the millions of deaths attributable to legal abortion in the United States make her body count of 650 young girls seem small in comparison.)

Norma McCorvey, who was manipulated by the attorney Sarah Weddington in order to win the historic Roe v Wade case, publicly repented long ago of her role in that socially disastrous Supreme Court decision. Feminists For Life has demonstrated over and over again that true feminism in the classic sense is contrary to the agenda of the "pro-choice" movement. WEBA (Women Exploited By Abortion) demonstrated that many women deeply regretted having killed their unborn children. Bernard Nathanson, the former abortionist credited with presiding over roughly 60,000 abortions as the director of CRASH (the Center for Reproductiveand Sexual Health), repented, as Norma McCorvey had done, for the role he had played in snuffing out the lives of huge numbers of human beings.  (For information regarding other repentant former abortionists, like Carole Everett, click this link.)

So I say to NARAL, NOW and  NAF (National Abortion Federation), you idiots can sling all the mud you want to sling. You can slander me by implying that I am a clinic bomber, even though the worse crime I've ever committed is accidentally speeding, which got me a speeding ticket.

For those who want to see a really powerful movie which exposes the lies of the abortion industry, I highly recommend October Baby. Also, I want to recommend that everyone wanting to be properly informed about this crucial issue visit (The 73 is an obvious reference to the year when Roe v Wade changed the face of America.)

Newsweek magazine recently ran a cover story about how the pro-abortion movement had won in 1973, and had (according to the magazine) been losing ever since that time. I am not sure that I would say that the pro-life movement has ever "won", since abortion remains legal even today. Incremental victories, to be sure, but I will not rest until every abortionist in America is put out of business. I cannot help to accomplish that goal myself, but what I can do is to talk about the issue with people whenever I get the chance to do so. Please help me to spread the word.

October Baby, The Movie

The movie industry has in times past kissed the behind of the abortion industry (and an extremely profitable industry it has been for abortionists). But the tide is turning in a positive direction. A new movie named October Baby furnishes a powerful, moving refutation of the idea that abortion is a good thing for women or for people in general. If you have a chance, see the movie or rent the DVD and play it for your "pro-choice" (pro-death) friends.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Jane Fonda in 1968

For some reason, I just clicked on a link which took me to a YouTube video featuring Jane Fonda, reviled in some quarters for her role in helping to promote the cause of the Viet Cong during the Viet Nam war. The aforementioned video featured Jane in a truly cheesy movie named Barbarella.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since 1968, which was one year before America landed the first man on the moon.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Yahoo Is REALLY Screwed Up ... and so is Flickr

I wanted to use to host an image so that I could add it to my previous blog post here, since Google seems to have eliminated the ability to upload an image file directly from one's hard drive to (What's up with that? One used to be able to do that, but there no longer is a Browse button when one clicks the Insert Image icon.)

OK, getting the image onto my hard drive wasn't a problem. But what good is that if I have no means of adding it to the related blog post?

I set up an account earlier with Yahoo, with the e-mail address of But logging back into that account is next to impossible. I had created a random password, using a Random Password generator found online. But every stinking time I enter that password into the Yahoo sign-in dialog box, and every time I hit Enter, it DOUBLES the password I just entered, and then it tells me that the signin did not work. Well, DUH! Of course it didn't work, you IDIOTS! Your sign-in form is clearly screwed up, and it's virtually impossible for ANYONE to sign in. Wow, I guess I will have to find an image hosting service, not Flickr, which is not connected to Yahoo in any way whatsoever.

The GoFrrr Ball and the Booby Ball

The other day, I bought a used file cabinet from a guy here in Bellingham. I learned when I visited his place that he ran a company named ProBall. His name was Glen Bevan. He demonstrated the primary product manufactured by his company: A ball designed for playing fetch with one's dog. He called it the GoFrrr Ball, also known as the Rocketball, and it had an elastic strap which essentially allowed one to shoot the ball further than one would be able to easily throw a ball. Needless to say, it would be a nice little product, for people wanting to take their dogs to the park for a nice game of fetch. Useful for children and baseball players, too.

When I first saw the product, I couldn't help being reminded of another ball I had seen online. One company called it the Booby Ball. carries the product, too, as seen on this web page. It's sold as a gag gift or a stress reducer.  Basically, it's a rubber ball with a woman's nipple.

I was reminded of the fact that some women have been known to say that "men are dogs". When I saw the Booby Ball, I found myself thinking that if Glen were to combine his GoFrrr Ball with the Booby Ball idea (by manufacturing a version with a woman's nipple on the end), he'd have a product sure to entertain a group of horny men at their next outing. "Hey, guys, are you up for a game of Booby Ball?"

I was reminded by the title of a Joan Rivers book, entitled "Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery" .

As a man, I slightly resent Joan's characterization of men as "stupid". And by the way, it seems to me that men's attraction to big-breasted women makes total sense, from an evolutionary point of view or if you will, a survival point of view (if you are not a big fan of the theory of evolution). Women with bigger breasts are presumably better prepared to nourish their babies with milk from their breasts. A woman's breasts, first and foremost, are not parts of the body designed for erotic stimulation for men, but rather, they are body parts designed to enable women to nurture their young. Back in the days, that's how they were viewed, and it is not uncommon to see Renaissance paintings in which the Virgin Mary nourishes the baby Jesus with milk from her breasts.

So, call me a dog or call me a stupid boob, but I really think that Glenn ought to take me up on my suggestion, which I made to him when he was delivering my used file cabinet.

Check out the following links, if you want to visit a couple of web pages with info re: the male fascination with mammary glands:

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Linda Apex

I recently made a new Facebook friend in the person of a lovely young woman named Linda Apex. Usually, it seems that I am relegated to dating women who are fairly close to my age (and who, it often seems, are a little bit long in the tooth), but Linda is 24 years younger than I, and yet she strangely seems to actually be interested in (or at least open to) a romantic relationship with me.

Is that just a cruel illusion, or could it be that after long last, I might dare to hope that I could marry someone who actually makes me excited to be alive? It's hard to say at this point. She seems to have the right attitude, based on things she's written to me in Facebook messages. But I am such a gullible guy. I tend to have high hopes that later end up getting dashed.

I remember such a period of my life a number of years ago, when I fell for a person (met via CraigsList) identifying herself as "Valentina" ... ostensibly a Russian woman (who, like Linda, was considerably younger than I). I started to get suspicious when I noticed that Valentina virtually never answered my pointed questions with anything but vague generalities which could almost have been generated by a computer algorithm. I searched online, and found that others had received correspondence from this same woman, using almost identical phrases. I'd read that she had a game where she would claim that she'd taken the initiative to travel to America, and then she'd been detained by authorities who'd demanded money, which she supposedly had to pay so that she and I could get together. I was glad that I never sent "Valentina" a dime, and I was glad that I'd paid a small amount of money to do a background check on her. In hindsight, I'm not even sure that Valentina was a real woman. I was older and wiser.

So at this point, I am still wary and cautious with regard to Linda here, even though it could very well be a situation where she is for real. The fact that Christian musicians like Sherman Andrus and Marty McCall have befriended Linda on Facebook makes me feel a little bit better. She may be scamming me, but if she is, at least I am not the only sucker out there. (By the way, I notice that ALL her Facebook friends seem to be men.)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Now I Am On Zoosk

A while ago, I signed up for a Christian dating service known as, but I never paid them any actual money. Pretty stupid, I know, because none of these companies do anything for you unless you put down at least a little bit of money.

Anyway, long story short, I just signed up for today, mainly because it seemed to be well integrated with Facebook. I will probably regret having done so, but frankly, I'm sick and tired of being lonely. I think, no I hope, that I will be able to handle the expense of a Zoosk membership.

I guess I will periodically post a blog article to let you know whether or not this proves to be something worth doing.

As for the question of whether I should have signed up for a dating service exclusively for Christians, well, I do plan to make it plain to anyone I meet on Zoosk that my Christian commitment is important to me.

Jon Gibson: Stevie Wonder for Believers

Stevie Wonder was (and still is) a very soulful and talented musician. If you agree, check out the music of Jon Gibson, if you never heard it before. I really think you will dig it. (Did I just say "dig it"? Yeah, it's the wannabe hipster in me.)

Here's a link to an interview with Jon, and to a recording of his music. Share the information if you know of anyone who likes the music of Stevie Wonder.

By the way, as Jon points out in the interview, he's a white guy. Soulfulness knows no color.

A Time To Love, A Time To Hate is a link to a book I found online today, and I have to say that this looks potentially as good as the Jay Adams book "From Forgiven to Forgiving", which I think I have already praised in this blog in the past. (If I neglected to do so already, let me highly recommend that book now.) Jesus wants us to be forgiving people, but he does not want us to be condoning people. When we forgive people without expecting anything from them in the way of repentance, we go much further than even God goes, and we basically spit in the face of God by telling Him that it's OK to abuse people. In effect, we perpetuate the abuse by failing to take a stand against it.

The book at is "Forgiveness" by Helen Whitney, and it seems to be available as an eBook. (Buy an eBook and save a tree, or at least part of a tree.)

Remembering BBC

Recently, I left the following comment on the very well-written blog of a new Christian friend (John Feeney) with whom I had become acquainted on Facebook:

In your blog post you refer to distortions promoted by "fundamentalist" Christians.

The trouble is that that term has been co-opted by certain believers who are by no means true fundamentalists in the classic and historic sense.

Example: Fundamentalist Baptists often teach things which are nowhere to be found in the Bible. For example, I knew Christians at Baptist Bible College in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri. They believed that dancing was a sin (never mind those troublesome OT verses about David dancing before the Lord), and they believed that good Christian women would never wear pantsuits or jeans.

Folks at BBC were so strict that, believe it or not, they argued that they should not invite Jerry Falwell to speak at their campus (where he was an alma mater) because he was too "liberal". Wow! You know that Christians are too conservative when they think that Jerry Falwell (infamous for the Teletubbies episode) was a liberal.

Needless to say, the long-haired Jesus people with whom I hung out at the New Wine coffeehouse downtown were not cut from the same cloth as the BBC administrators or students.

A Lifetime of Learning

People used to comment, when they would see me carrying my book bag, that I must be a student. Sometimes it was true, but often it was untrue, at least in terms of formal learning. But I would reply that I considered myself to be a lifelong student, and I prayed that I never stopped learning.