Monday, January 07, 2013

The GoFrrr Ball and the Booby Ball

The other day, I bought a used file cabinet from a guy here in Bellingham. I learned when I visited his place that he ran a company named ProBall. His name was Glen Bevan. He demonstrated the primary product manufactured by his company: A ball designed for playing fetch with one's dog. He called it the GoFrrr Ball, also known as the Rocketball, and it had an elastic strap which essentially allowed one to shoot the ball further than one would be able to easily throw a ball. Needless to say, it would be a nice little product, for people wanting to take their dogs to the park for a nice game of fetch. Useful for children and baseball players, too.

When I first saw the product, I couldn't help being reminded of another ball I had seen online. One company called it the Booby Ball. carries the product, too, as seen on this web page. It's sold as a gag gift or a stress reducer.  Basically, it's a rubber ball with a woman's nipple.

I was reminded of the fact that some women have been known to say that "men are dogs". When I saw the Booby Ball, I found myself thinking that if Glen were to combine his GoFrrr Ball with the Booby Ball idea (by manufacturing a version with a woman's nipple on the end), he'd have a product sure to entertain a group of horny men at their next outing. "Hey, guys, are you up for a game of Booby Ball?"

I was reminded by the title of a Joan Rivers book, entitled "Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery" .

As a man, I slightly resent Joan's characterization of men as "stupid". And by the way, it seems to me that men's attraction to big-breasted women makes total sense, from an evolutionary point of view or if you will, a survival point of view (if you are not a big fan of the theory of evolution). Women with bigger breasts are presumably better prepared to nourish their babies with milk from their breasts. A woman's breasts, first and foremost, are not parts of the body designed for erotic stimulation for men, but rather, they are body parts designed to enable women to nurture their young. Back in the days, that's how they were viewed, and it is not uncommon to see Renaissance paintings in which the Virgin Mary nourishes the baby Jesus with milk from her breasts.

So, call me a dog or call me a stupid boob, but I really think that Glenn ought to take me up on my suggestion, which I made to him when he was delivering my used file cabinet.

Check out the following links, if you want to visit a couple of web pages with info re: the male fascination with mammary glands:

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