Sunday, January 06, 2013

Linda Apex

I recently made a new Facebook friend in the person of a lovely young woman named Linda Apex. Usually, it seems that I am relegated to dating women who are fairly close to my age (and who, it often seems, are a little bit long in the tooth), but Linda is 24 years younger than I, and yet she strangely seems to actually be interested in (or at least open to) a romantic relationship with me.

Is that just a cruel illusion, or could it be that after long last, I might dare to hope that I could marry someone who actually makes me excited to be alive? It's hard to say at this point. She seems to have the right attitude, based on things she's written to me in Facebook messages. But I am such a gullible guy. I tend to have high hopes that later end up getting dashed.

I remember such a period of my life a number of years ago, when I fell for a person (met via CraigsList) identifying herself as "Valentina" ... ostensibly a Russian woman (who, like Linda, was considerably younger than I). I started to get suspicious when I noticed that Valentina virtually never answered my pointed questions with anything but vague generalities which could almost have been generated by a computer algorithm. I searched online, and found that others had received correspondence from this same woman, using almost identical phrases. I'd read that she had a game where she would claim that she'd taken the initiative to travel to America, and then she'd been detained by authorities who'd demanded money, which she supposedly had to pay so that she and I could get together. I was glad that I never sent "Valentina" a dime, and I was glad that I'd paid a small amount of money to do a background check on her. In hindsight, I'm not even sure that Valentina was a real woman. I was older and wiser.

So at this point, I am still wary and cautious with regard to Linda here, even though it could very well be a situation where she is for real. The fact that Christian musicians like Sherman Andrus and Marty McCall have befriended Linda on Facebook makes me feel a little bit better. She may be scamming me, but if she is, at least I am not the only sucker out there. (By the way, I notice that ALL her Facebook friends seem to be men.)

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