I've created this page (which is still being developed) for the purpose of enabling me to sell various products, directly or indirectly, via this blog site. For the most part, those products will consist of items featuring my own original art and/or photography, or consisting of images which I'm legally licensed to use on my own products. (For example, some of "microstock" sites offer "extended licenses" which enable people to use their images on custom products, within carefully defined parameters.)

I hope to use this page for affiliate links which will help to support me so that I will be able to concentrate more on my writing and on other related projects. For example, I strongly encourage you to use this affiliate link when buying products from that company.

In some cases, I may also use this page for links to third party sites where people can conduct secure e-commerce transactions. (Examples:;;;;; etc.)

In other cases, I may link to sites or pages or PDF files which would require that folks order products "the old fashioned way" (i.e., by downloading order forms, filling out those forms and then mailing or faxing them to me along with payment or credit card payment information).

In each case, I'll furnish visitors with the precise information needed in order to buy the specified product or products.

In some cases, you will need to have Acrobat Reader, or another program capable of opening and reading PDF files, in order to place your order and/or see the catalog or sales sheet pertaining to one or more products.