Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Links to All My Downloadable Poems

In other blog posts, I've posted individual Christ-centered poems which I've written. But it would be a hassle to have to navigate from one blog post to the next in order to find each individual poem. (Plus, I haven't posted separate blog posts for every single one of my poems, and it would be too time consuming for me to do that at this point.)

Therefore, this post is being created specifically for the purpose of offering a link for the purpose of offering easy access to a publicly accessible online file folder (hosted by SkyDrive) containing most of my downloadable Christian poems in PDF format (which can be opened, read and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader and/or other PDF-compatible programs).

To download any individual PDF file (or files) from that folder, click this link, then select the individual poem(s) in the folder, and click the Download link for each file which you wish to download.

By the way, this can be a good way to distribute all types of documents, not just poems.

To convert documents to PDF format, you don't have to pay the high price for Adobe Acrobat (although doing so will give you advanced features you might not be able to get elsewhere). You can convert documents to PDF for free at or

Then, having created your own SkyDrive account, you can upload your files to specified folders at SkyDrive. One can set up a range of permissions for specific folders: They can be accessible just to you, or to specified individuals (specified by their e-mail addresses), or to the general public.

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