PDF Files

This page will be used, in the future, for links to a variety of PDF files which can be viewed with browsers equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Those files will very likely include the following:

  • Printer-friendly versions of blog posts, minus all of the navigational elements which are generally unneeded when you're making prints of blog posts. Unlike regular blog posts, these files (like all PDF files) can be downloaded and viewed even when you aren't online. As for issues pertaining to what else can be done with those files, that will depend in large part on whether or not I've placed security restrictions on particular PDF files, such as whether or not the files can be printed or edited. Obviously they will be printable, since the whole point is to create versions which are printer-friendly. However, editing files may be restricted in some cases. I'll very likely take such things on a case-by-case basis.
  • Catalog pages and order forms for products and/or services being sold and/or marketed for fund raising purposes. Examples might include: Fine art prints, greeting cards and other products based on my original photography and art; CDs featuring my music (once those become available); original books (possibly including compilations of my best blog posts, compilations of my best poems, etc.); and so forth. Depending on how order forms are created, you may be able to fill them out electronically and then send them to me as e-mail attachments; or you may need to print them, fill them out by hand, and then mail them to me. The first option is obviously more desirable, but I may not always have access to the software with which to create such PDF forms.
  • Documents listing a larger number of external links than can comfortably be accommodated in the sidebar of this blog. Some of these links may pertain to other websites of mine; for example, the Artistic Christians' Network (, which is part of a project known as the Christian Arts Initiative.
  • Documents pertaining to various endeavors of mine, such as the Christian Arts Initiative.
  • My current job resume, along with references and other related documents pertaining to my career and my job search.
The aforementioned PDF files will be stored, for the most part, in public folders in my Skydrive account or in another comparable web hosting account. If a link takes you to a Skydrive page for a particular document, you'll then need to click the Download link directly above the icon and filename for that particular document in order to download the document. On the other hand, if a particular link takes you directly to that file (stored by or some other web hosting company of mine), then taking that extra step of clicking the Download link may not be necessary.