Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lurrie and Carey Bell and Da' Blooz

In Chicago, while I was staying at the Lawson House YMCA, I had an opportunity to play my keyboard behind Lurrie Bell at a Christmas party. We got a standing ovation, although that might not have seemed very meaningful, since the residents were just a smattering of people just as poor as we were.

Soon thereafter, Lurrie came out with his "comeback album" on Delmark Records (owned by Bob Koester of the Jazz Record Mart). Lurrie took me to the Delmark offices, where I heard the album with him sitting there and grinning.

Lurrie's father, Carey, had once played harmonica behind Muddy Waters. Father and son later recorded an album together, called "Second Nature". Here's a link to the YouTube video of that album, which is available in the form of a CD-R "one-off" disc from Amazon.