Monday, April 20, 2009

A Silly Poem I Wrote

For the most part, I try to write poetry which deals with important subjects, particularly in relation to my Christianity. But every once in a while, I write something which exists mostly for the sake of playing with words.

One day I was walking through the Blick art supply store in the Chicago Loop, and as I was looking at supplies for origami, the phrase "origami mommy" stuck in my mind. Since mommies sometimes make origami for their kids, the phrase seemed apropos.

Here, for better or worse, is the poem:


© Mark Pettigrew

She's an origami mommy in a satin dress.
When it comes to folding paper, well, she's the best!

She makes a paper animal that's sure to please.
She entertains the children with the greatest ease.

When she starts to work her magic with the paper fold,
well, you know that it is truly something to behold.


A bit silly, but hey --- one can't be serious all the time!

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