Monday, January 07, 2013

Yahoo Is REALLY Screwed Up ... and so is Flickr

I wanted to use to host an image so that I could add it to my previous blog post here, since Google seems to have eliminated the ability to upload an image file directly from one's hard drive to (What's up with that? One used to be able to do that, but there no longer is a Browse button when one clicks the Insert Image icon.)

OK, getting the image onto my hard drive wasn't a problem. But what good is that if I have no means of adding it to the related blog post?

I set up an account earlier with Yahoo, with the e-mail address of But logging back into that account is next to impossible. I had created a random password, using a Random Password generator found online. But every stinking time I enter that password into the Yahoo sign-in dialog box, and every time I hit Enter, it DOUBLES the password I just entered, and then it tells me that the signin did not work. Well, DUH! Of course it didn't work, you IDIOTS! Your sign-in form is clearly screwed up, and it's virtually impossible for ANYONE to sign in. Wow, I guess I will have to find an image hosting service, not Flickr, which is not connected to Yahoo in any way whatsoever.

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