Thursday, January 03, 2013

Now I Am On Zoosk

A while ago, I signed up for a Christian dating service known as, but I never paid them any actual money. Pretty stupid, I know, because none of these companies do anything for you unless you put down at least a little bit of money.

Anyway, long story short, I just signed up for today, mainly because it seemed to be well integrated with Facebook. I will probably regret having done so, but frankly, I'm sick and tired of being lonely. I think, no I hope, that I will be able to handle the expense of a Zoosk membership.

I guess I will periodically post a blog article to let you know whether or not this proves to be something worth doing.

As for the question of whether I should have signed up for a dating service exclusively for Christians, well, I do plan to make it plain to anyone I meet on Zoosk that my Christian commitment is important to me.

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