Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Time To Love, A Time To Hate is a link to a book I found online today, and I have to say that this looks potentially as good as the Jay Adams book "From Forgiven to Forgiving", which I think I have already praised in this blog in the past. (If I neglected to do so already, let me highly recommend that book now.) Jesus wants us to be forgiving people, but he does not want us to be condoning people. When we forgive people without expecting anything from them in the way of repentance, we go much further than even God goes, and we basically spit in the face of God by telling Him that it's OK to abuse people. In effect, we perpetuate the abuse by failing to take a stand against it.

The book at is "Forgiveness" by Helen Whitney, and it seems to be available as an eBook. (Buy an eBook and save a tree, or at least part of a tree.)

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