Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Christian Love Song

There's a common misconception among many Christians that if you're a Christian singer, you're obliged to sing about Jesus constantly. That's nonsense, just as it would be nonsense to suggest that Christians were forbidden to read books which were not about Christ.

(I doubt that I'd be computer literate if I'd only read the Bible, which says nothing about Windows or the Internet, so far as I can tell. In fact, you'd have a hard time finding a more enthusiastic bookworm than myself.)

Obviously, it would be sinful to sing a song which promoted and condoned sin, just as it would be sinful to write such a song, but that still leaves a huge range of legitimate topics for believers.

Of course, the most popular category of secular song is the romantic love song. The Song of Solomon, a book of Bible, is in fact such a "song" (although one shudders to think how long the piece would be if it were to be set to music). Given the fact that God saw fit to include a romantic love song in the book which is regarded by Christians as God's holy word, why should anyone conclude that such songs are unsuitable for Christians? I have no idea, but I can make an educated guess: It's not about Christian discipleship, it's about marketing music to the Christian subculture in America. Fortunately, things are a little bit less restrictive in that respect than they were several decades ago, but we still have a long way to go.

One night not long ago, I awoke in the middle of the night, and for some reason, I experienced what might be described as a creative frenzy. Within a very short period of time, I had written the lyrics to an entire love song, written from the perspective of an older man who has finally been blessed with the godly wife he has sought for so long. (Perhaps it was a case of wishful thinking. At age 49, I still haven't found such a woman for myself. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes, "Where there's life, there's hope." I'm sometimes tempted to give up hope, but the Bible reminds me: "With God, all things are possible.")

Here are the lyrics to the song I wrote that night:

Heaven In Your Eyes
© Mark Pettigrew
Verse 1
I see Heaven in your eyes, and it's really no surprise
that I want to spend my lifetime by your side.
When I met you, I just knew that I always would love you.
It's a special love that cannot be denied.

I never thought that I could ever love again.
You know I really thought those days had come and gone.
I thought I'd never find the woman of my dreams,
but now you know it really looks like I was wrong!

Verse 2
You're a special kind of friend, and I won't even pretend
I deserve the love that you have shown to me.
You're an answer to my prayers, all my worries and my cares,
and I thank the Lord for you on bended knee.


Verse 3
I'm so happy every day that our love is here to stay;
to abandon love like this would be unwise.
So I promise to be true to this love I have for you,
for I love to see the Heaven in your eyes.
Yes, I love to see the Heaven in your eyes.


I attempted to write a song which would make reference to Biblical values pertaining to commitment (since I believe that God abhors divorce), without losing the feeling that the singer is really passionately in love with his wife. Who knows? Perhaps "Heaven In Your Eyes" will do for wedding anniversaries what Paul Stookey's "Wedding Song" did for weddings! That would be great.

Of course, no human spouse can love us the way that God loves us. Have you experienced that love? Ask him to be your Savior, and receive the fullness of his love for you!

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