Monday, February 18, 2008

Thoughts About Britney Spears

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine features a cover story about how messed up Britney Spears' life has become. I read part of the article, but I couldn't finish reading it. It was boring, it was depressing, and worst of all, it was completely useless when it came to understanding what had caused Britney's tragicomic downward spiral.

I'd like to see an article which would examine the alienating, dehumanizing psychological effects of the type of attention Britney has gotten from the tabloid press for virtually all of her adult life. But of course, we'll never see that article, because it would require humility and introspection on the part of the journalist writing the article.

None of this is to deny that Britney has serious problems. Yes, she's psycho. Yes, she's a pathetic excuse for a mother and a wife. Yes, she's a mere shadow of the innocent and sweet teenage Britney Speers America once knew (or thought it knew). Yes, she's ultimately responsible for her own actions. But I'd like to meet the person who wouldn't crack under the pressure to which she's been subjected on a regular basis.

The tabloid journalists who specialize in stalking her and exposing her every flaw to the public in the name of the public's "right to know" are scum-sucking exploiters of pain, and it's highly likely that the aberrant behavior which we have seen from Britney in recent years is her response to abusive treatment from such so-called journalists. Maybe they need to stop and think about how they would feel if someone treated their sisters or daughters the way that they regularly treat Britney.

The Golden Rule is not suspended in the case of celebrities. On Judgment Day, God will remember what journalists have done to Britney in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

What Britney needs is a whole lot of prayer. It also couldn't hurt for her to take a very long vacation in some remote location where she will not be subjected to the daily indignities of the paparazzi. Preferably in the care of someone who is unimpressed with her celebrity status, and whose only interest in her is to help her to achieve healing, both emotionally and spiritually.

Otherwise, I fear that we will soon be reading about her tragic death. And then the tabloid journalists will find someone else to harass and exploit.

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