Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photo Bedding

Vision Bedding is a company I found on the web via a Google search. Visiting the company's website shows a few of the many creative options which have become available to photographers and artists, thanks to the digital revolution.

A number of different companies produce blankets, towels and other products which have been woven with your own images. Vision Bedding is slightly different. It uses dyes to permanently print your images on your bedding.

Want to witness about your faith in Christ to relatives and friends who come to sleep overnight in your guest room (or to anyone who ever visits your bedroom)? Create a custom design, in Photoshop, which features Christ-centered art and/or photography and/or text. Then have it made into a custom blanket or pillow. This would also be very effective if you owned and operated your own Christian bed & breakfast inn or summer camp.

That's one of the many ideas which I plan to list in a book with a title such as "100 Creative Ways To Share Your Faith".

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