Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Kind of Weather

With the exception of the weather yesterday, which got too hot and uncomfortable for my tastes, the weather has been great here in Chicago lately. Not too chilly to prevent one from going outdoors wearing little more than a pair of pants and a short sleeved shirt. Not so hot that one can't lie down in bed at night (in a room with no air conditioning) without waking up with a sweaty neck and a drenched pillow. says that it's currently 66 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity of 60% and a "dew point" of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. It says that the 66 degrees actually feels like 66 degrees. Like I said, my kind of weather.

Does God know what weather makes people the most comfortable, and what weather makes people the most uncomfortable? Of course he does. He's omniscient, which means that he knows everything. So why isn't the weather here on earth perfectly tailored for us all of the time? I think that the answer has something to do with the Fall, which not only tainted the hearts of men and women, but also had a negative impact on all aspects of God's creation.

I suspect that the weather in heaven will be perfect all the time. Nevertheless, just in case God needs a hint or two in order to properly prepare things for us, I like to drop a request in the divine suggestion box now and then. I'll say things (under my breath, of course) like, "Lord, this weather is really, really nice today. I hope you'll remember that this is the kind of weather that I like, when I get to heaven."

Of course, there are those who can anticipate weather, in the afterlife, which will make the hottest weather we've ever experienced seem refreshing in comparison.

I would like to think that I'll never have to experience the fiery torments of hell, but I know in all honesty that if I do get a heavenly reward, it will be on account of God's mercy, not on account of my own good works.

UPDATE: The really amazing part about this blog post is that the weather recorded in the blog post wasn't just a fluke. It's now August 18, 2008 as I type this update, and the weather outside is marvelous! In fact, it's been marvelous almost every day this summer, in terms of the temperature. There have been a few thunderstorms, but otherwise, it's been extremely comfortable.

But ignore what your senses tell you, ignore the readings of the thermometer, and pay attention to the "global warming" doomsayers instead. In case you can't tell, that last sentence was meant to be extremely sarcastic.

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