Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lack of Integrity Besets Political Liberals

I just received the following message in an automated e-mail newsletter which I receive from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council:
Members of the radical "No on 8" campaign in California have quickly turned their disappointment over the homosexual marriage ban into rabid hostility. Protestors have flooded the streets in Los Angeles with their sights set on the Mormon Church, railing against its leaders for their powerful role in protecting marriage. Together with allies in the Catholic and Protestant churches, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) was one of the main ingredients in Proposition 8's success. The Mormon Church's donations, estimated at roughly $22 million, fueled the hundreds of ad placements across the state that ultimately tipped the scales in the amendment's favor. Yesterday, 2,000 homosexual activists vilified the church, huddling outside the gate of an L.A. temple with profane signs and rainbow flags. Today, another march is scheduled for Temple Square in Salt Lake City, but the Church's leadership has no regrets about its involvement. In a statement, Elder Clayton said, "We believe it's a moral issue, and we reserve the right to speak out on moral issues." At LDS headquarters in Utah, leaders called for a ceasefire with gay activists and "goodwill" on both sides. Unfortunately, that message has yet to stick with the "No on 8" crowd, which has lashed out with unprecedented aggression against the faith community. Apart from the attacks on the LDS church (including ugly ads that depict Mormon missionaries invading the home of a lesbian couple and tearing up their marriage certificate), churches like Jack Hibbs' Calvary Chapel at Chino Hills have been spray-painted, cars vandalized, and police have confirmed at least two reports of physical assault. Once again, the Left is proving its unwillingness to practice the very "tolerance" they preach. FRC is proud of the example that the interfaith community has set on marriage. If the Prop 8 outcome is any indication, homosexuals could stand to learn a thing or two from the church on civility.
How sadly typical. As usual, the political left has demonstrated its utter lack of integrity insofar as "tolerance" is concerned. The same lack of integrity can be seen when they talk about the necessity of free speech, and then turn around and accuse pastors and others who speak out against homosexuality of "hate crimes" (showing that they're so immature that they can't handle viewpoints which aren't aligned perfectly with their own opinions). Or they'll accuse conservative Christians and political conservatives of being "judgmental," never quite grasping the idea that such accusations are just as judgmental.

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