Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Guv Is At It Again

Here's a link to the latest news about Illinois' governor, Rod Blagojevich. Apparently, he's been arrested for trying to sell Barack Obama's old senate position to the highest bidder. It's about time. Too bad they didn't arrest him earlier when he tried to deny pharmacists the right to act in accordance with their consciences, thereby denying them their constitutional rights insofar as freedom of religion was concerned.

There is no evidence to the effect that Barack Obama was in on Blagojevich's latest scheme. But anyone who genuinely thinks that Barack Obama hasn't been tainted by the corruption which runs rampant throughout the state of Illinois (in both political parties) is a master of self-deception, especially in light of the numerous sleazeballs with whom Obama has been associated during his brief political career.

As for the profanities with which Blagojevich's recent taped conversations were laced, we can expect a lot more of that type of thing in the Obama White House. Rahm Emanuel, for example, is known for his frequent use of such "salty" language. Word on the street is that he particularly loves using the "f word". That undoubtedly impresses the street thugs with whom he's been associated in the past, but people with more class are likely to long for a time when such behavior wasn't considered to be acceptable or professional.

Of course, that isn't to say that Democrats have a monopoly on bad behavior. Nixon, as we know, used foul language as well. And I confess that even I have used the "f word" a few times in my life --- usually when I was so furious that nothing else seemed to adequately express my anger. But I am not proud of having done so.

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