Saturday, May 09, 2009

Geocities and My Files

I recently heard that Yahoo would be closing Geocities, its free web hosting program. A visit to my Geocities account confirmed the rumor. They're no longer taking applicants for new web sites, but that isn't what worries me. A lot of my files have been stored there, and I've linked to those files with extensive links in this blog and elsewhere. I'm sincerely hoping that they continue to host the existing files at their current locations; otherwise, the links I've created on this blog and elsewhere (such as will eventually become dead links. Potentially, that could cause previously nice web sites I've created to be considerably less attractive and useful.

Fixing the situation would probably involve a ton of work, because it would involve finding a new free web provider (preferably one which is as easy to use as Geocities was), uploading all of the files I'd need (after creating folders comparable to the Geocities folders) and then going through all of my blog posts and other web links in order to change the links so that they would go to the new URL addresses for those specific files.

The problem is compounded, in my case, by the fact that my own computer is down, and I'm mostly restricted to the computers I am able to reserve for free at the library. They have those computers set up so that one can't do any right clicking, which makes it impossible for me to perform certain functions such as downloading unprotected image files from my own websites in order to insure that I have all of the files I need. I do know that most of the files at Geocities, if not all of them, have been saved somewhere on CD-R discs, but figuring out where each and every file has been stored so that I could upload each file to a new web server would be a royal pain in the posterior.

As for, I shudder to think what would happen if they ever closed their blog hosting service. I'd lose all of these blog posts, unless I'd had time beforehand to laboriously go through and copy each and every article to some other format. Some folks who don't care for what I've written (or who couldn't care less about what I've written) would probably like that idea, or be indifferent to that idea. But even if no one else has benefited from this blog, it means something to me.

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