Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogger Pages has long offered an easy way to create websites, without the need for any knowledge of HTML or other web design layout languages or web design programs, simply by design one's own blog and filling it with content. But it used to be that Blogger blogs were very different from regular websites. Specifically, Blogger blog sites really only had one page: The home page. One could move forward or back in order to read different blog posts, but one couldn't easily set up "static" web pages which were always easily accessible, in order to furnish visitors with basic information without requiring that they search the entire site in order to find that information.

There were workarounds, of course. One could create links in the sidebars in order to take visitors to specific blog posts dealing with particular issues. But that was sometimes less than satisfactory, partially because of the placement of such links on the page. Links had to be placed very high up on the page in order for folks to notice or find them, and even then, they tended to have a lower profile than the links on the types of navigation bars typically found on standard websites.

However, I just discovered a new feature which now enables people to add up to 10 standard web pages to their blog sites. I wish they'd added this new feature a long time ago. It will make this blog site a lot more useful, both to me and to my visitors. I haven't fully developed the site with the new feature, but I plan to do so in the near future.

I also plan to do so in relation to some of the other sites I've created with the help of

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