Sunday, July 15, 2012

Christageddon and DeGarmo and Key

I just checked out a link today on the Facebook memorial page for Dana Key of DeGarmo and Key. It was for a band called Christageddon, and the text which accompanied the music which played when I hit the link described the vocalist Richard as "vomiting vocals", which was a pretty appropriate description of the sound which reached my ears. The band describes its music as "unblack metal".

I understand why some traditionalist Christians had issues with the hippies and "Jesus Freaks" which formed Christian rock bands like Love Song (which was very mellow, a bit like the secular band Bread) back in the 1970s when I was in high school. But that stuff was way tame compared with bands like Christageddon. Even hard rockin' bands like Resurrection Band were tame in comparison!

I admit, "unblack metal" is a little harsh on the ears of an old 55-year-old fart like myself. But I still know of no scripture which specifies exactly what musically constitutes holy and unholy music, notwithstanding the existence of people who would have you believe that anything more modern than a Gregorian chant is of the devil.

Even if it's unlikely that you would ever pay for an "unblack metal" album or music download, pray for these young people. Someone WILL listen to them, and if it brings even one individual to salvation, then it's worthy of support in my opinion.

While you're praying you might pray for the singers' voices. It sounds to me as if it would physically hurt to try to sing that way. It's a bit like listening to Tom Waits on acid.

If this stuff is your cup of tea, you might also want to check out Demon Hunter at

If you want to see a video which comes closer to representing my own musical tastes, watch the video of Jesse Dixon performing with DeGarmo and Key, at A version without Jesse Dixon can be found at  Another tune to check out is the D&K video for "Competition" (

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