Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Funny-Scary Bumper Sticker

I was walking to The Woods (a coffeehouse in Bellingham, WA) just now, and I spotted a bumper sticker on a car. The sticker said, "I Love Cars And Guns". It showed the Starbucks logo, modified so that it looked as if the mermaid in the logo had a pistol in each outstretched hand. I was reminded of the overcafeinated character from the old Mad TV show I remember. The idea of a guy who's that "wired" playing with guns is a little bit scary.

Is that what helps to explain the Aurora shooting tragedy at a movie theater? Maybe bath salts are not the only drugs we need to worry about!

Obviously, I'm kidding to some extent, because I sit here sipping my daily coffee, so I clearly do not think that coffee is a dangerous drug, but I'm told that there are some people who can't handle it, and if you are one such person, I would advise caution!

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