Thursday, October 18, 2012

Really Assinine

Back in the 80s, living in Boston, I remember ads for a local rock radio station which supposedly featured "kick ass rock and roll". Yeah, that's what I want to feel like when I listen to music: Like someone has kicked me in the behind, preferably while wearing cowboy boots with pointy toes. As Madonna might have said, "NOT!"

What is it that makes some people act as if the addition of the word "ass" makes any communications superior to saying the same thing without that word? Why say "he has a big house" when you can say "he has a big ass house"? Never mind that it takes more verbiage and adds absolutely nothing in terms of actual information, in comparison with simply saying "he has a big house".

Here in Bellingham, we have a coffee bar called The Black Drop. Naturally, their slogan is "Kick Ass coffee".

You know, whenever I hear someone using the word "ass" gratuitously, I get a mental image of Beavis and Butthood, giggling like imbeciles. "Hey, Beavis, I just said ass!" (Yuk, yuk, yuk.)

Now, if you're using the word ass because you're talking about the animal known as an ass (as in the phrases "Indian wild ass" or "African wild ass"), I'm willing to cut you some slack. But do a Google search on the word ass, and you will find a surprising (or maybe unsurprising) number of porn sites. I find, for instance, a site under the heading "The 50 Hottest White Girls With Ass". Hmm, something tells me that that site is not going to have information about Caucasion females who own pet donkeys.

So I say (to anyone who cares what I think, which is not very many people), "Enough with the stupid ass references already. Your constant use of that word makes you sound juvenile."

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