Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Excellence of Michael Omartian

I just came across a YouTube video with a tune from Michael Omartian's album Adam Again. Check it out (via this link) if you've never heard of Michael (which is likely only if you're a lot younger than I am or if you never checked out the credits on the numerous CCM albums recorded and released back in the 70s).

Here's a link to the Wikipedia article about Michael. As you can see from the article, Michael had some pretty impressive credits to his name, not just in the CCM world but in the world of big-time secular hits. Steely Dan, Billy Joel and numerous other big-time music stars relied on the keyboard and production skills of Michael Omartian. For a while there, Michael had a regular column in Keyboard magazine, a publication which was notorious for ignoring the world of CCM. I'm proud to say that I did my best to hold them accountable for that omission, but guys like Michael made it a lot easier for me to make my point, which was that there were some excellent musicians in the field of contemporary Christian music.

Back in the days when I still thought it might be feasible for me to have a successful career as a Christian musician, Michael Omartian was one of the people who kept that desire burning in my heart and mind.

In the Christian world, Michael's star was later eclipsed by his wife Stormie, who I must admit was one gorgeous woman, but she did not seem to have the musical talent that Michael had.

This link will take you to another YouTube video featuring Michael's music.

If there's any doubt about Michael's talent, check out this YouTube link to a clip featuring him on a version of the Stevie Wonder tune My Cherie Amour.

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