Thursday, September 15, 2005

Visit My First Web Gallery

In 2002, I enrolled in the Web Design certificate program at Truman College. My final project was to create a site which showcased my photos of flowers and gardens.

Click here to visit my Gallery Page.

Keep in mind that the site was the first website I'd ever created, and I haven't updated it since 2002 when I finished the course. Also, since it's hosted by a free web hosting service, there are some slightly annoying pop-up ads which appear with every page (although you may be able to set your browser to block those ads). For those reasons, I definitely plan to create a new site (now that I've signed up for a paid web hosting plan from which will hopefully be better in a number of respects. I'm also seriously considering selling my photos and related products via sites such as

Meanwhile, visiting the aforementioned site is definitely better than nothing, and it should at least give you an idea of what my images look like.

UPDATE: You can now download two PDF files showing more of my flower and garden photos, by visiting and clicking the links for those files at the beginning of the article on that page. Another option (in case you can't access the preceding web page) is to download those same PDF files by visiting this page (in a public SkyDrive folder) and then clicking the icon for the document you want and clicking the download link.

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