Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cross-Eyed Man

Here's another poem I wrote last Fall. I hope you enjoy it.

Cross-Eyed Man
© by Mark Pettigrew

I’m a cross-eyed man
‘cause I’ve been born again.
The blood of Jesus
washed away my sin.

If I keep my eyes
on the final prize,
the benefits of heaven
I will realize.

I’m a cross-eyed man
with a cross-eyed plan.
In a world of sin,
I’ve got to take a stand.

What I counted as gain
I now count as loss.
I love what Jesus did for me
on that cross.


To download additional Christ-centered poems I've written (stored online in the form of PDF files which can be downloaded from a public SkyDrive folder), visit this link, then select the poem in which you have an interest, and then click the Download button.

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