Monday, May 14, 2007

What Martyrdom Is Not

When Cho Seung-Hui was preparing to kill numerous students at Virginia Tech, he prepared a statement to the media. He said, "Thanks to you I die like Jesus Christ to inspire generations of the Weak and Defenseless..."

Strange. I don't recall reading anything in the Bible to suggest that Jesus died during the process of killing numerous weak and defenseless people who had no guns with which to shoot back. Jesus did not have a Glock in one hand and a Walther in the other in the moments prior to his crucifixion. In fact, Jesus rebuked Peter for using a sword against those who arrested Christ when they were in the Garden of Gethsemane.

If anyone oppressed the weak and defenseless, it was Cho, since it was he who murdered such people. Yet, his words seem to suggest that he wanted to be honored as some kind of martyr.

It's easy to characterize Cho as delusional and insane, but his ideas about martyrdom were only marginally different from the ideas which motivated Islamic terrorists to kill thousands of unarmed Americans on 9/11. Like the suicide bombers which have plagued the world both before and after that colossal tragedy, such terrorists had been taught that Allah would reward them for their murderous deeds! How anyone could be so stupid as to think such a thing is beyond comprehension.

God does not condone murder. To use the term "martyr" to describe people who died while murdering thousands of other people is an insult to the Christian martyrs, who died truly selfless, sacrificial deaths rather than bow to Ceasar.

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