Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn

The past couple of years have been strange for me. That time period has had its high points, but it's had its low points as well.

On the one hand, I've made some excellent contacts in connection with my desire to launch a Christian ministry of the arts known as the Christian Arts Initiative. (For a PDF document pertaining to that vision for ministry, click the sidebar link entitled Christian Arts Initiative, or click here. For information about one of the contacts I made in connection with that vision, click here.) I've also made a lot of progress towards that goal in some other respects.

On the flip side, my life has been going downhill faster than a Soapbox Derby racer, in terms of my financial situation. My efforts to find a job have been fruitless for the most part. I have done a few side jobs and received a few charitable donations which have kept a roof over my head, but my housing situation is still very, very shaky on account of back rent which I owe. My job search is made more difficult by the fact that I no longer have a phone of my own, so I am forced to use pay phones (which are getting harder and harder to find in this age of cell phones) just to contact potential employers and check my voice mail messages. And there are other ways in which my lack of a substantial income is really hurting me.

The question, therefore, is whether or not my ambitious plans for ministry will be derailed by practical considerations. If I end up sleeping on the streets or in homeless shelters, it's highly likely that a lot of the progress I've already made will be nullified. That would break my heart.

I'm trying to be a man of faith and believe that the best is yet to come, but it isn't easy. So I could use your prayers (if you're a believing Christian), and I could also use any tangible help which you might feel led to offer.

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