Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Talk of The Town

A while back, I wrote a poem which (as far as I can recall) I haven't yet posted to this blog. So I thought I'd offer it up here now.

By way of explanation, I decided to write the poem from the perspective of someone living during the time of Christ, prior to the crucifixion.


The Talk of The Town
© Mark Pettigrew

There's a man I know about.
He's the talk of the town!
When you do the things he does,
well, the word gets around.

They say he heals the sick,
and the blind people, too.
Perhaps he'll even do
something special for you.

He's not just a healer.
He's a teacher as well.
He talks about heaven
and he talks about hell.
He talks about justice
and he talks about love
and he says that we should pray
to the Father above.

There are men in the town
who are stirring up strife
and the things they say about him
make me fear for his life.
Well, I don't know what's coming,
but of this, I'm sure:
The things he's said and done
will forever endure.


NOTE: To download additional Christ-centered poems I've written (stored online in the form of PDF files which can be downloaded from a public SkyDrive folder), visit this link, then select the poem in which you have an interest, and then click the Download button.

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