Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Thunderstorm

The other day, I awakened to the sound of a serious thunderstorm outside of my window. For some reason, I felt a poetic urge, so I wrote the following poem, which I naturally entitled "The Thunderstorm".

© Mark W. Pettigrew

Like a mighty bomb, the thunder
wakes me with ferocity.
Rain and wind fill me with wonder
at their great velocity.
Darkened skies and flashing lightning
greet my eyes at every turn.
Thinking about calmer weather
makes me long for its return.

Soon the storm's tempestuous fury
starts to lose its awful power.
Rain refreshes field and mountain
bringing life to tree and flower.
Air is cleansed of dust and pollen.
Breathing it, I feel renewed.
As the storm becomes a memory,
time improves my attitude.

For the just and for the unjust,
skies will sometimes fill with rain.
But it's only temporary.
Soon the sun will shine again.


The last four lines obviously represent my attempt to bring philosophical and spiritual insight to what is otherwise a description of a purely physical event. It's particularly applicable to my life at this time, because I'm going through some serious storms in my life.


NOTE: To download additional Christ-centered poems I've written (stored online in the form of PDF files which can be downloaded from a public SkyDrive folder), visit this link, then select the poem in which you have an interest, and then click the Download button.

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