Monday, August 18, 2008

Barack Obama and Infanticide

Being a Republican who lives in Chicago has always felt a bit like being a fish out of water (to use a cliche which is nevertheless useful from an analytical point of view).

That's never been more true than this year, thanks to the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, whose strong ties to Chicago only serve to amplify the affinity which this predominantly "blue" city would probably feel for the man anyway.

Being the "odd man out" can be an uncomfortable experience, but there are worse things than feeling uncomfortable. I don't have any difficulty explaining why I won't be voting for Barack Obama in 2008. I just point to articles such as the one which is available via this link.

(Here's a link to another article on the same subject, and here's another one.)

I should mention that I have met Jill Stanek, who is discussed prominently in the aforementioned article, and I've corresponded with her via e-mail on a number of occasions. She is single-minded in her pursuit of justice for the unborn children and infants whose lives are regularly taken in abortion clinics and hospitals throughout our nation.

Jill's 8/17/2008 blog post continues her pursuit of truth with regard to the question of just what Barack Obama has or hasn't done with regard to the Induced Infant Liability Act (the Illinois version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act). Ditto for her 8/20/2008 blog post.

I applaud Jill for her moral courage. As I see it, such moral courage is a personal quality which Barack Obama lacks.

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