Monday, August 18, 2008

Bestiality At The Library

It used to be that people came to the Chicago Public Library primarily to read. But that was many years ago. Judging from what I've seen on the occasions when I've glanced away from my own computer screen while doing work on the computers here at the library, one of the most popular current reasons for using these computers is to watch porn videos or look at pornographic photos downloaded from the Web. Thanks to the library's high speed Internet connections, the videos are quite vivid and realistic, and the photos leave little to the imagination.

In short, this is not a good place to visit if one is a Christian who defines personal holiness in a manner which requires that one live a sheltered life in which one is never exposed to such things.

I'm an adult, and even though I am a sexual virgin because I chose many years ago to make a conscientious effort to live a life of obedience to the Lord, that doesn't mean that I'm completely naive or ignorant when it comes to sex. So I am not as easily shocked as some people might think that I would be. However, we live in an increasingly degenerate society, so I still see things occasionally which manage to shock me.

As I sit here typing this blog post, I am looking across the room at a man who couldn't be younger than 65 or 70. He may be even older than that. As a young person, I never would have imagined that people in his age group would use computers for purposes such as the purposes for which he is using his computer. At the moment, he's looking at cartoons depicting young naked women engaged in sex acts with male genitalia which, by the looks of things, must be attached to giants roughly ten times the size of the women.

Earlier, he was engaged in looking at a variety of photos which depicted one or two women who were having sex with various big dogs. That's right, dogs.

In the case of one or two of the photos, the women also appeared to be having sex with small bulls, out in the pasture. There's an image I'd prefer not to dwell on when I'm in the supermarket buying meat for the dinner table!

Now the dirty old man is looking at cartoons which depict Disney's Snow White, having sex with the Seven Dwarfs.

What I find particularly bizarre about all of this is that it says a lot about what the City of Chicago regards as permissible and impermissible in terms of behavior. When one visits the library, one cannot eat a candy bar anywhere in the library without furtively looking around to make sure that one isn't being observed by a security guard. One cannot bring a cup of coffee into the library unless one works here. If one attempts to temporarily remove the useless "privacy screen" from one's computer because it has a tendency to slightly reduce the clarity of the images on the computer screen, one will be quickly approached by a security guard and told that one is not allowed to do that. But apparently, it's alright to use one's computer to look at the most vile pornography imaginable.

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