Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Sad Sign of The Times

Here's a link to an article which gives detailed information about a current proposal to create a public school, in Chicago, specifically for "LGBT" students.

Some conservative parents might be inclined to approve of such a project, in spite of the fact that it seems to put a stamp of public approval on the dubious idea that sexual perverts deserve special recognition and special funding. After all, the end result of the project will be that fewer straight students will be regularly confronted by confused kids who don't think that God knew what he was doing when he gave them the genitalia with which they were endowed at birth.

If indeed such a school is approved by the Chicago School Board, then it seems to me that Chicago ought to also have a publicly funded school specifically for born-again Christians who refuse to be intimidated into accepting politically correct (but biblically incorrect) notions of right and wrong. After all, if indeed the purpose of such special schools is to create safe havens for minority groups so that they can be free to live in accordance with their own personal beliefs, then why limit the principle to LBGT students?

Based on personal experiences I had during high school, I can attest to the fact that Christian students are sometimes subjected to harassment from their fellow students. I particularly remember one skinny little guy who spat on me (on one particularly memorable occasion), and who told me, on a frequent basis, to eat feces and kiss his derriere, for no apparent reason other than the fact that he disliked outspoken Christians such as myself.

Now, some people might argue that such conflicts are unfortunately just part of life, and that part of the process of growing up is learning how to deal with such conflicts in a mature fashion. They might argue that there are myriad reasons why people are ostracized and ridiculed when attending public schools, and they might argue that once we start creating schools for the specific reason of heading off every potential conflict between students who are different from one another, we open a Pandora's box which should have remained closed.

I think that such people have a very good point. I wasn't happy about being ridiculed for my Christian beliefs when I was in high school, but it made me a stronger person to have to learn to endure such treatment, and to have to learn how to respond to such treatment in a mature way. If I can deal with (and survive) such treatment, then so can kids who are ridiculed for reasons pertaining to their sexuality. Like it or not, they will discover as they travel through life that there are people (including myself) who disapprove of their lifestyles and their attitudes about sex. Sheltering such kids during their high school years only postpones the inevitable.

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