Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Particularly Inappropriate T-Shirt

I just visited to check out their latest political T-shirts, in response to an e-mail message I got from that company.

On that website, there is a T-shirt design which says, "Babies For Obama".

That could be taken two ways, considering the tendency of most Democrats to whine like little babies whenever they lose an election. ("Those awful Republicans stole another election, mama. It's a right wing conspiracy! Waaaaaa! Waaaaa!") However, judging by the fact that the merchandise which features the design consists of baby wear, I suspect that the design is aimed at Obama supporters who think that their little ones would look just adorable in outfits which promote candidates their parents support. Never mind that the babies themselves couldn't care less about politics.

If babies knew about Obama and his voting record, and if they were capable of voting, I personally suspect that he's the last candidate they would vote for. After all, this is the man who refused to oppose infanticide when given the opportunity to do so several times while serving in the Illinois legislature.

Obama clearly isn't for babies (who he views as "punishment" for unwed mothers), so why would babies be for Obama? Beats me.

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