Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jesus Was Not A Community Organizer

During the Republican convention, Sarah Palin compared herself to Barack Obama, saying that governors had weighty job responsibilities, whereas community organizers such as Barack Obama had relatively few responsibilities.

Democrats could have responded by pointing out that "governor" was Palin's most recent job description, whereas Obama had served as a senator subsequent to working as a community organizer. That would have been an intelligent rebuttal to one of Palin's weaker analogies. But of course, that would have been too intelligent for the Democrats. Instead, they responded, as usual, with utterly specious rhetoric. They argued that Pontius Pilate was a governor, whereas Jesus was a "community organizer". The implication, of course, was that governors are evil, and community organizers are good (which begs the question of why they thought that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, both of whom were governors, were good choices for President).

I thought then, and still think, that such a statement betrayed a fundamental difference between most Democrats and most Republicans. To a Democrat, Jesus was little more than a glorified social worker whose primary objective was to eliminate poverty. Republicans know better. They know that Jesus did indeed have compassion for the poor, but they also know that his primary agenda was not to create an earthly kingdom, but rather, to promote the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus was not a "community organizer," and it's laughable to suggest that he was. He was, and is, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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