Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charming? You Decide.

Chelsea Charms, seen in various YouTube videos, is a woman known for her enormous (surgically enhanced) breasts. (Chelsea isn't her real name.)

Her 164XXX bra size requires that she get bras from a custom bra maker in Texas; no normal clothing store sells bras that big.

Host Philip Scofield, when he had her on a British news talk show called This Morning, couldn't keep his eyes off her. During his interview with Chelsea, Scofield's female co-host asked Chelsea what had motivated her to get her breasts enlarged to that extent. She replied candidly that she really liked getting attention from people, and that was a good way to do it.

Also, she said that she'd made a fair amount of money, as an adult entertainer.

I'm a normal guy, and I do not deny that I like boobs. But Chelsea is a bit of a freak. And I don't even think that her "big bazooms" make her look very good.

I'm amazed that she says that she hasn't had enormous back problems as a result.

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