Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blue and Purple Gradient on Hostas and Impatiens

It can be interesting to convert an image from color to grayscale in Photoshop and then blend that image (using one of Photoshop's many blending modes) with one or more colors or gradients. In this case, I had created a version which blended the grayscale image with blue. Later on, I opened the TIF file version of that image in Microsoft PictureIt! and made a copy, which I shifted from blue to purple. Then I copied that image atop the original blue version, and I used a function in PictureIt! in order to adjust the transparency of the top (purple) layer based on what essentially amounted to a preset layer mask (though they don't call it that in the Microsoft program). It wasn't a straight linear gradient or circular gradient, but rather, a swirl. The above image is the result. It's quite a change from the original image, in which the hosta leaves were an intense green and the little impatients were mostly pink.

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