Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hot Sweaty Nights

The title of this particular blog post sounds a bit like the title of a lurid, sex-saturated "romance novel". Actually, it's just a reference to the weather we've been having here in Chicago for the past week.

Overall, the weather has been very pleasant in Chicago this summer. However, the humidity level seems to have increased dramatically during the past week. We've also had several very hot days. I tend to notice such things more than some other people, because I have no air conditioner. I often wish that I did have one, because I am not fond of excessive heat and humidity.

Last night didn't seem particularly hot, but thanks to the humidity, my pillow was practically dripping with my own stinky perspiration when I awoke this morning. My hair was dripping wet, especially in the area near my neck. That's been the case for the past several nights. It makes it difficult for me to sleep soundly.

Needless to say, I took a nice long shower this morning. As for my pillow, I still had some leftover Febreeze, which I sprayed liberally on both sides of the pillow after removing the sweat-soaked pillow cover in order to clean it.

Febreze is very good stuff. I can only imagine how useful it must be to parents of young kids who are still wetting the bed!

Overall, I'll be very glad when we start to experience some nice Fall weather. Fall and Spring have long been my favorite seasons, because that's when the weather is usually the most comfortable.

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