Monday, August 20, 2007

Portable Shelters for the Homeless

Providing shelter for the homeless can sometimes be a challenge. Most bigger cities have one or more organizations which run homeless shelters. (The Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago is one example.) However, such places can be dangerous and overcrowded, and while there are those who need the social services they provide, there are others who just need a place to sleep at night during short-term crises.

My feeling is that more individual Christians and churches need to get involved with providing places for such people to stay, rather than leaving it all up to the big institutions. Fortunately, some companies offer housing units or shelters designed to enable them to do so.

Here are links to four companies which make and sell portable shelters for the homeless.

Click this link to read further comments of mine with regard to the aforementioned companies. (The document is in PDF file format.)

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