Sunday, November 13, 2005

Links to Earlier Posts
as of Nov. 13, 2005

I've noticed that earlier posts are listed individually by topic for a while, here on this site, but eventually, the only way to access them is via archive pages which combine multple entries or posts into a single web page. That makes it a bit harder to print individual posts you do want without printing posts you don't want, so I've gone to the trouble of creating this post in order to make it possible for anyone who wishes to visit those earlier posts individually to do so. I'm also including a brief description of each post so that you can more easily find posts which particularly strike your fancy.

This was my first blog entry, in which I established the foundational premise upon which future blog entries would be based:

This blog entry pertains to my musical talent and interests (including the development of my desire to serve the Lord with my music), and it contains some autobiographical information:

This very brief blog entry discusses my art and photos:

This contains some observations about the tragedy in New Orleans, including some observations about the general spiritual climate which was predominant in that city prior to Katrina, and the role that may have played in the tragedy:

This blog entry contains some observations about my frustrations in relation to my current career path:

This blog entry contains additional thoughts about New Orleans:

This blog entry contains information about the website I created (to showcase some of my flower & garden photos) in 2002:

This blog entry contains some generalized observations about bullies. It was inspired by a very unpleasant encounter with a co-worker, who could politely be described as psychotic:

This blog entry contains some thought-provoking ideas pertaining to how Christians ought to deal with the worldly influences which surround them:

This blog entry briefly describes my first visit to River North Baptist Church.

This blog entry discusses the benefits of blogging, compared with some of the drawbacks of using conventional bound paper journals for the purpose of recording one's thoughts:

This blog entry discusses some of my ideas about the benefits of Christian coffeehouses, what it takes to create an effective coffeehouse ministry, and how such a ministry might be part of a larger ministry pertaining to all facets of the arts:

This blog entry contains a thoughtful response to criticism I received in response to the first blog entry about Christian coffeehouses:

This blog entry should be of interest to Christians who believe, as I do, that our culture is exhibiting increasing hostility to Christian moral values:

This blog entry contains some of my thoughts about genealogy, in relation to issues of personal identity:

This blog entry contains lyrics to one of my more "confrontational" evangelistic Christian songs, inspired by a verse in the book of Proverbs:

This blog entry contains lyrics to a Christian love song I wrote recently:

This blog entry contains some ideas about how a Christian ought to live from day to day:

This blog entry contains my critique of evolutionary theory from a Christian perspective:

I've also written additional blogs since then, but they are still accessible via the main menu bar on the right side of this page, and likely will be for some time, so I have no need to list them in this way yet. But I very likely will do so later.

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