Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Regular Gal

I was just looking at a screen capture I had created while I was visiting the Urban Dictionary web site in order to look up their definition of "glamping" (defined as a combination of the words camping and glamour). In the sidebar area, there was an ad with a woman wearing a t-shirt
was imprinted with the words "I pooped today." It showed a stick drawing.

Wow! Can you say TMI (too much information). I mean, first of all, if it was a normal day for the woman, chances are pretty good that she either defecated or urinated at some point in the day. But why in the world would she want people to know that?

Why not come out with a whole line of fashionable t-shirts, conveying similar informative messages regarding a wide range of bodily functions? I can only imagine visiting a store specializing in shirts with the following messages:
  • I Picked My Nose Today
  • I Cleaned The Wax Out Of My Ears Today
  • I Vomited Today
  • I Farted Today
  • I Belched Today
  • I Clipped My Toenails Today
  • I Changed My Bloody Feminine Napkins Today
And why stop there? If ever there was a web site (other than Facebook) designed for people with TMIS (Too Much Information Syndrome), it's Twitter. Messages need not be long, because messages like the above messages only use a few letters. Gosh, let's tell the entire world every time we have done some mundane thing virtually everyone does unless he or she is a robot.

Maybe TMIS is synonomous with "too much time on my hands" syndrome. But that acronym would require 2 more letters.

I know that we now live in a society where nothing is really private anymore, but really, people, some things should be kept to one's self. No one really cares whether or not you did such things, and if your life is so dull that the only way to connect with the people around you is to talk about such aspects of your life, that would seem to be a wake up call, or an invitation to stick your head in the oven when the gas is on.

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