Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pretentious Or Strange Modern Art

When I lived in Chicago for 19 years, staying at the Lawson House YMCA at 30 W. Chicago Avenue, I was right down the street from the building occupied by the Museum of Contemporary Art. I went there once or twice just to see what kind of art such a museum might display.

One of the most memorable pieces I saw there was a piece of installation art involving a continuously looping video showing a woman very erotically sucking on her own big toe! That was all there was to the art. I hope she had washed her feet before making the video. Athlete's foot is bad enough, but transferring it to one's own mouth would be gross.

Another similar looping video I saw there showed a topless woman with a bucket on top of her head, preventing her from being able to see where she was going. The entire video just showed the woman walking back and forth with that bucket on her head.

I remember thinking, "So this is what people do with their time when they want to think of themselves as artists but they have no actual artistic talent which would enable them to draw or paint!"

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