Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reading Between The Lines

I recently visited, a website which uses crowdfunding and videos to raise funds for people in need. They like to call it Kickstarter For Real People (which begs the question of why they don't think artists deserve to be described as "real people", but never mind).

I like the basic concept of, and I hope to use that site in order to present my own needs to potential funders. But I downloaded Megan Kashner's bio from the website. (She is the founder of that website.) The bio says, "A New York to Chicago transplant, Megan and her partner live in Evanston, IL where they raise their two children, attend more than their fill of soccer games and play frequent games of Mario Kart before bedtime."

Sounds like utter domestic bliss, right? Well, not to conservative Christians, who believe that people who live in "common law" relationships with one another are still "living in sin". People who are married describe one another with phrases like "her husband" (or "his wife"), not phrases like "her partner". Yes, I believe that marriage ought to be a partnership, but first and foremost, a marriage is a covenant.

Well, at least Megan seems to have a heterosexual partner capable of helping her to give birth to children without the help of sperm donors from some anonymous sperm bank. That's something to be grateful for, I suppose. But I'm one of those dinosaurs who still think that men and women should marry one another as a prelude to having children. I would prefer that they stay with one another, even in an unmarried state, rather than aborting their progeny, but that is not the ultimate state of existence.

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