Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Legasight Project

When I was still staying at the Lighthouse Mission, I conceived of a new project named the Legasight Project. The name was a combination of the words "legacy" and "sight" (as in "legasee"). It was based on the idea that our legacies are largely the result of whether or not we have the vision to do new and great things which will give meaning to the time we have spent on earth.

I thought about that project just now when I stumbled on The site is largely one related to obituaries. But obituaries are only meaningful when we have given people good reason to remember us, and only for the right things. Of course, most of us, if we are lucky enough to have been loved by someone on earth, will be remembered by at least a few people. But there are people, such as David Wilkerson, who will be remembered by hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands who were touched in some way by the things we did while we were still here on this earth. Another such person would be Mother Theresa. One could go on and on. Some Protestants might object that Mother Theresa was a Catholic, and that she therefore was guilty of thinking that her good works would get her to heaven. But I do not think that God sees it that way. Mother Theresa may have been imperfect, as we all are imperfect, but the world would be a much better place if everyone gave to the world as selflessly as she did.

The Legasight Project would be conceived as a means of highlighting the work of various visionaries who deserved more thanks and appreciation. The best way to encourage people to make a positive difference in the world is to highlight those who are already making such a difference, as an incentive.

If you think that the Legasight Project is something in which you would like to be involved, contact me. My current e-mail address is

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