Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lars and the Real Girl

Sitting here just now at The Woods (a Bellingham coffeehouse), I overheard several women talking about a movie I had never heard of. I thought it sounded like a very funny premise for a movie, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, and I found a summary of the movie. It was called Lars and the Real Girl. The movie apparently was about a young man who was so cut off from the real world that he had developed a "relationship" with an anatomically correct blow-up sex doll. (And people think I am bad off because at age 56, I am still a virgin.)

Apparently, the guy in the movie wasn't the only one to find a use for such blow-up dolls. Here's a link to an article about Miley Cyrus, who apparently took such a doll for a ride in her car. She asked, "Does this count for the carpool lane?"

Funny, but that was what one of the women at The Woods suggested.

To see a funny YouTube video about a guy who falls in love with his lifesize "love doll", click here. Notice that Davecat's loved one has purple hair.

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