Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mike Deasy Connects The Dots

One of the names I connect with the earliest days was the name of Mike Deasy, who now works as a guitarist for 20th Century Fox. On his Facebook page, he recently posted the following comment in response to the recent shooting in Connecticut:
We cannot understand the mind that would murder children, but we can recognize the author. The powers of darkness take hundreds of years to breakdown the moral intrepitude of a great nation.
We were told that abortion was going to help children , what an infectious lie. Killing babies does not help children. And our government making it law does not make it any less wrong or murder, and it cheapens...
human life and in particular the lives of children... connect the dots.
Physical moral decay is destroying our nation from within much like the great nations of the past, adultery men and women and women living together outside of marriage homosexuality same sex marriage ( 1 cor 6:9&10) are all examples of the deception, they think its ok, Christians go along till the next generation of Christian think its ok, Its not ok its another dot to connect, it becomes progressively easier to justify wrong as right as we slide down the slippery slope toward the moral cliff, we make drugs legal that experience has shown to be hugely destructive to the human life and mind, and the children are killed we feel the sorrow and the great grief much as the Father must have felt as His son died, can we connect the dots to understand how such terrible things can happen in such a great nation as ours. No longer can we tolerate sin as law, the only morality we will have in an ungodly nation such as this is to legislate it as did our forefathers. Our action is clearly spelled out by our savior As Gods people we must get down on our knees and pray no longer tolerant of ungodliness cry out to God and go do the work of the Godly, comfort, heal, save and destroy the work of darkness. Amen

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